Dr Stephen Heap


Making science readable and inspiring.


My origins are in academia, but I now bridge science with popular culture (for fun) and perform technical writing (for profit).

I had a comfortable job as a post-doctoral researcher, but I felt constrained by the academic institution. So I decided to go freelance.

My passion has always been to write about science. I am inspired to clearly describe ideas that have never been conceived, to interpret the cold realities of data into story, and to expound on why something mundane is transcendent.

This is all to say that academic writing is a passionate and poetic affair for me. I want to make it interesting.

Here you can check out my own research in the biological and behavioural sciences.

But you can find more interesting things on my blog or Medium page. The latest piece is about hive-minds in science fiction and reality.

As your writer I can promise a professional attitude, a collaborative spirit and dogged perseverance.

Dedicated to Quality

As your freelance writer, I share your criteria for success and failure. If you win, I win. If you lose, I lose. If I don't meet high standards, I literally go hungry. So I will endevor to help you write documents that make you proud.

  • Conform to style guides and ethical publication practice

  • Documents that meet publication demands

It's all About Teamwork

You need a document to satisy someone, and I'm on your side to help deliver. I work as part of your team to solve writing problems and produce documents that bring you value. We are producing something together, so it's important for me to meet your needs with open and honest communication.

  • Project brief that defines goals and needs

  • Legal contract to protect your interests

    • Confidentiality of Data and Subjects

    • Work produced to deadlines and quality standards

  • Communication through e-mail, Skype, Slack, or whatever suits

Adaptive to your Needs

Your needs are unique, and you have your own timeline to consider. As a freelance writer, your needs are my priority and your timeline is my own. I am not burdened by institutional structures or overhead, and I can adapt my scheduling to suit you.

  • Quick response times

  • Adaptive freelance business structure

  • Flexible scheduling

  • European timezone


It's my job to ensure that you have the documents you need when you need them. I will work to milestones and keep you well informed of my progress. We will both have clear ideas of what can be expected and when.

  • Deadlines held by contract

  • Open and honest communication to keep you informed

Duty to Scientific Integrity

The integrity of scientific knowledge rests on a code of ethics. It's my duty to ensure that all documents I help produce adhere to these standards.

  • Conform to research and publication ethics

  • Inform you of any ethical oversights




I have worked as a professional academic from 2012 - 2018. My duties included research and analysis, manuscript publication, grant writing and teaching. I also performed as an event organizer and host for visiting researchers.

Doctor of Philosophy
Sampling the social environment in an uncertain world
(nominated for Outstanding Thesis)
University of Melbourne, 2012
Supervised by Devi Stuart-Fox and Phil Byrne

Specialized Ethics Training

Global Research Ethics and Integrity Module, University of Melbourne 2009

Animal Ethics Workshop, University of Melbourne 2009

Bachelor of Science (Honours, First Class)
The effect of a pillar on escape panic behavior in Argentine ants
Monash University, 2008.
Supervised by Martin Burd

Bachelor of Science (Zoology, Earth Science)
Monash University, 2007.

Postdoctoral Researcher
Supervised by Mikael Puurtinen
University of Jyväskylä, Finland
2013 - 2018

Research Assistant
Supervised by Margaret Grose
University of Melbourne, Australia
2012 - 2013

Academic Supervisor
Supervision of PhD and Masters students for the Department of Biology and Environmental Sciences.
University of Jyväskylä, Finland
2014 - 2018

Academic Writing in English
Writing for the Public
Research Ethics
Strategic Thinking
Strategic Ecology
Experimental Animal Behaviour