Here’s how this works:

  1. You contact me with your needs

The first step is to get in touch and let me know what you need. Just tell me the job and the deadline, and we can work out the rest from there.

So this is me:


Dr Stephen Heap

You can contact me through these channels:

Or you can press this button:

2. We outline a project brief together

Once we’re in contact we can discuss the needs of your project.

I give a quote for what it might cost, which are based on guidelines from the European Medical Writer’s Association. I typically charge by the hour, but I can also work on retainer or flat rate.

If you’re satisfied with the quote, we can set out some milestones and a schedule of deadlines.

3. We sign an agreement

I’ll always do my best to fulfil your needs and meet your expectations. But it’s important to have a written agreement so that we both know what to expect from each other, and what happens if something goes wrong. A written and signed agreement protects us both.

Specifically, you will hire me as an independent contractor (i.e. I am not your employee).

My side of the agreement is to meet the criteria established in the project brief. I also warrant to:

  • represent the scientific validity of the content and the expertise of named author(s)

  • respect the responsibilities and rights of contributors

  • maintain the confidentiality and protection of patients, participants, animals and intellectual property.

Your side of the agreement is to provide me the materials necessary to complete the job, and to pay for my services.

The agreement will also specify the terms of ownership, authorship, attribution and confidentiality.

4. I work on the project and keep in touch

Next is the fun part. After we’ve made an agreement, I’m set to task. I will work according to the project brief and keep to the deadline schedule. I aim to maintain a two-week turnaround on deliverables.

Otherwise the process really depends on your specific needs. You can completely outsource work to me and only check the end-products. Or we can work on something together in close collaboration.

5. You get invoiced for the service one per month

As long as I continue working on your project, I will send you an invoice once per month. You will have a couple of weeks to pay.

You can pay securely online with a card through the invoice. Other payment options include Stripe and Bank Transfer (to a German bank). More payment methods (e.g. PayPal) coming soon.

The service includes 24% VAT for those within Europe.

6. We complete the project

I return the project to you within the deadline and to the standards that we agreed upon.

If you are satisfied with my service, you can help me out by writing a recommendation on LinkedIn.

If you are really satisfied, then perhaps we can work together again.


And that’s basically it.

Press the buttons if you want to get in touch: